How Sketch to HTML is a Substitute for PSD to HTML Conversion

How Sketch to HTML is a Substitute for PSD to HTML Conversion

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A sketch is an influential Mac application built to assist modern graphic designers in creating instinctive as well as supple designs within no time. The terminology ‘Sketch to HTML conversion’ points to the technique of converting a Sketch design file into a completely functional HTML template with the aid of up to date web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

This tool facilitates in creating designs for websites, native applications and interactive experience with the help of a variety of tools. Sketch as a substitute for Photoshop, is gaining more and more recognition among web designers due to its focus on web design, ease of use and flexibility.

All this comes in a playful package for a price which is a portion of the long-term Adobe Photoshop subscription expenditure. Thus it can be said that Sketch to HTML is an option to PSD to HTML. The company behind Sketch, Bohemian Coding, is persistently improving its products, bringing it even closer to the UX / UI designers.

Preferably, there are three ways to convert a Sketch file to HTML

  • Doing It by Yourself

If you possess good knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, this is probably one of the ways to convert Sketch design file to an HTML template. By hand-coding your own website, not only you guarantee the premier quality of code, but also you get immense flexibility and simplicity of maintenance for your website.

Being a developer, you know exactly which lines of code you need to alter in order to transform something and how you can do it in a precise manner. However, if you are unable to do this work with perfection, you should hire an expert to do the justice.

  • Use a Conversion Tool

The easiest way to convert your Sketch design file to an HTML template is by using a conversion tool. However, there is a difference in the quality of code these automated conversion tools generate as compared to the one you get from writing code from your own hands.

The quality is not that good due to the incapability of these tools to deliver 100% error-free, SEO optimized, and W3C validated code. These tools also do not assure for pixel-perfect Sketch to HTML5 conversion. Thus, high-class conversion through these types of conversion tools cannot be probable for providing long-term success of your projects.

  • Hiring a Professional Conversion Service Provider

The lack of coding knowledge and the absence of interest to go with an automated conversion tool open up the door to hire a professional Sketch to HTML conversion service provider.

Not only you will get the supreme quality of conversion but also yield 100% hand-written, bug-free code that plays a very important role in shaping the rankings of a website in search engine results.

Sketch to HTML Characteristics

Convert your Sketch-based website to HTML with modern HTML5 / CSS3 templates with the following features:

  • Reasonable Pixel-precision

All necessary changes and enhancements to the live templates are discussed with the client to make sure that conversions look like the provided Sketch designs.

  • Cross-Browser Compatible

The quality assurance team shall make sure that the conversion of your website showcase and functions properly in all the supported browsers as well as the devices.

  • Compliance with Web Standards

The HTML, as well as the CSS, need to be completely valid and adhere to the basic accessibility principles for all the projects.

  • Semantic Markup

The semantic markup helps to project for future customization processes.

  • Fast Loading

The smaller the size of a file the faster is its loading time. This is possible by using an optimized code, CSS, and images.

  • Well Formatted and Commented Code

It is essential to make the code of your website easy to read and understand by formatting it appropriately and by means of comments where needed.

Moving Forward

At Pixlogix, we offer superior Sketch to HTML Conversion Services; if you are interested just send us your project requirements or get in touch to hire our specialist professionals.

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