How to Integrate Inbound Marketing With Plugins Into Your WordPress Website

Integrate Inbound Marketing into Your WordPress Website - Pixlogix

WordPress is one of the most popular options for developers when it comes to building websites. 28.9% of the Internet runs on WordPress website. One of the issues with using WordPress websites for business is that little bit of a struggle to connect your inbound marketing to your website so that you can get more leads, conversion, and generate more revenue for your business.

The reason is that  because you need so many different tools, from so many different services:

  • Creating landing pages
  • CRM tools for site management
  • Search engine optimization to increase traffic
  • Email Autoresponders
  • Lead capture forms

Here are some of the main solutions for developers to have for integrating inbound marketing website:


Jumplead WordPress inbound marketing tool - Pixlogix

Image Source: Jumplead

Jumplead is an all in one inbound marketing automation tool which provides everything a developer needs to integrate inbound marketing with the Word Press Website. Create and add conversion forms to use website. Identify website visitors and track their activity. Easily adds contacts to CRM tool so that the developer doesn’t have to do it manually each time. Create automated email chains for any form completion on the website. Send and track emails to user’s leads. Automatically tag and organize markets leads based on their form completions. Track CRM activity and score leads easily and more accurately. Track email click. Track user’s keywords, SEO positions for better ranking.

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Inbound Rocket:

Inbound Marketing with Inbound Rocket WordPress plugin- Pixlogix

Image Source: Inbound Rocket

Inbound Rocket is a tool that aims at helping and saving developer’s time, which helps to generate more traffic and to convert more of potential readers into leads.

Even though the service might not be as complex and difficult as Jumplead. Inbound Rocket still offers a few useful inbound marketing tools for ranking purpose. Track visitor’s behavior on user’s website. Add lead generation forms to the user’s website. Inbuilt analytics for content and opt-in forms.


Hubspot has put together the entire tool called FrankenSpot, i.e., a system which you can use to replicate Hubspot’s inbound marketing strategy.

It’s a way of building your very own Hubspot tool at free of cost, without having to get Hubspotsiteonly, it requires a lot of different tools and while they might not be much expensive, it can be a troublesome to have to manage so many different tools. It is definitely worth taking a look at their respective solutions for replicating Hubspot’s content optimization system which includes a website, blogging, email, SEO, forms, and CTAs.WPtouch used for designing and creating mobile-optimized themes for user website.WP Marketing Suite is used for better, more efficient content targeting based on user visitors’ location and their devices; Gravity Forms is used for building and adding opt-in forms to user website.MaxButtons is used for creating, optimizing, and adding buttons and calls to action on user website.Yoast SEO is used for content analysis and optimization for search engines. Better for finding stock images to use on your website.

Inbound Brew:

Inbound Marketing with Inbound Brew WordPress - Pixlogix

Image Source: WordPress

Inbound Brew is a free plug-in which aims to provide the user with all the inbound marketing tools they need. Automatically push user blog posts to social media to drive more traffic, which helps in page ranking. Create and place custom buttons anywhere on user website. Create custom landing pages for better optimization.Lead capture is used to create forms and customize the fields as user wish to add them anywhere on their website.


Inbound marketing and WordPress need to be used together for a better result, but that is easier. There are not that many tools that can do everything user need from their inbound marketing.

Consider user budget and their needs though, and the developer can find the perfect solution for user choice and their need based on the ones which are presented in this article.

The Importance of Magento Blog Extension & How to Start One for Your Store

The Importance of Magento Blog Extension & How to Start One of Your Store?

The Importance of Magento Blog Extension & How to Start One for Your Store

Importance of Magento Blog Extension:

Blogging has become one of the most prominent tools to increase SEO rankings of products on your e-commerce website. Therefore adding Magento Blog extension is very common nowadays. The reason why blog extension for Magento has become so famous is that one cannot add new content now and then on the website. To increase the business, we need to be more and more interactive with our customer which we just cannot do with the website; A Magento blog extension is quite necessary. Blogs will help your customers understand the product in a better way. Because of the constant flow of keywords and articles, it also helps increase the rankings in search engine. Higher the SEO ranking higher the traffic.

How to increase SEO rankings?

How to Increase SEO Ranking - Pixlogix

For the people who do not have much time to write a blog post and can write at least one post per week can follow certain points mentioned below:

  1. The linking game:

Linking one keyword of the article with another article and a keyword from that article to our product page. The better we are at this game, the more customers we are likely to convert forever. Magento blog extension is inspired by the same game. More the number of links better our chances to come up with the search engines.

  1. Key phrases:

Not only certain keywords but key phrases like “FM transmitter DIY” are also very important to attract more customers. People normally use such phrases while they search on online for things. If we use such keywords in our Blog article, it will definitely make the customer feel more comfortable to buy the product from our site. Connecting blog extension for Magento in our article links is another best way to improve SEO rankings.

  1. Use images:

It is said that an image speaks 1000 words. Images enhance the UX of the blog which can attract customers. We can also use Magento blog extension in the images. Unaware of the name of the product, customer sometimes performs an image search. If our images are appropriate according to the key phrase of the article it will surely increase our ranking in the search.

  1. Telling stories and attract media:

Telling your personal story on blogs or social media accounts can help you create a special bond between you and your customers. Listening to your struggle story customers will get emotionally attached which will increase the level of trust between you.

How to start one of your blogs?

Magento Blog Extension - Pixlogix

As soon as we start blogging for our e-commerce site, it is going to be a serious business in itself. As there are millions of other bloggers/Magento blog extensions in the world, it is vital to be unique among them. We have to choose the most appropriate keywords and also the images which will help connect them. We can put a blog extension for Magento wherever necessary. The Article should be of perfect length. Neither big nor small.

Choosing the right strategy:

Now as the benefits of Magento blog extensions are clear we can move forward on how to create a blog extension for Magento and what could be our major strategies:

Define your target audience in such a way that they can easily understand the things written on the blog and that they can actually get benefits out of it. Always show your customers your strength in such a way that they get addicted to your site and the experience that you have given.

How to Choose a WordPress Development Company?


The website is one of the most vital tools for your online business. It helps you to brand your business, promote the brand, generate quality leads, and finally convert them into paying customers. For this specific reason, when you are having your business website built.It should take great lengths to ensure that you get the best quality website. It means for selecting the best WordPress Development Company Firm which offers high-quality and high-performance website. However, with so many web development companies are there in the market, selecting the best ISA surely a daunting task.

Responsive Website Design Services to Revolutionize Business Website!!!


In this cutting age today, responsive website design services are giving various compulsory task which desires to be accepted out the accurate at the foundation of the advertising the situation.

How to make Best Responsive Web Design for Every Device?
There is no essential to concern any longer about the compatibility of websites in numerous campaigns as responsive website designing is developing for a complete explanation for consistency. This helps as the rudimentary stage to approve any kind of product or goods and facilities of a specific company or group. Due to the thoughtful attention of community in the internet and communal media to be particular these days, websites are the very potential way of fascinating the peoples in imperative to arcade the facilities.

What to Look Before Hiring Magento Development Company


Today, Magento CMS empowers thousands of websites. That’s why the demand of Magento Development Company is increasing tremendously. It is surely the robust platform when it comes to developing the e-commerce stores. It offers plenty of functional features to help in the creating dynamic shopping websites. It is also renowned for its advanced features, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. As it one of the most versatile e-commerce solution, this platform offers online retailers to develop the fully functional online stores by completely focusing on the design and usability.

There is hardly any doubt that Magento is an outstanding content management system. However, the choice of the organization that contacts Magento eCommerce development firm may make or break the reputation of the online store. If the firm is experienced one, it is sure able to offer the excellent web development services. On the flip side, the inexperienced firm might not prove the best choice.

Pixlogix Infotech Launches Shipping Availability Magento Extension

How the new Magento shipping extension is useful


With the help of the new extension, users can straight forwardly find the shipping of their products, availability of COD and delivery information. If the product is available for the submitted postcode/zipcode, the customer can effortlessly proceed to the checkout by Magento shipping module. The ease of use of products shipping and accessibility of COD will be showcased automatically to users who are logged in by their existing zipcode/postcode.
Admin can import multiple postcodes/zipcode by using the .csv file submitted from the back-end. Magento COD checker extension allows admin to organize cash on delivery method so that it will only showcase to precise postcode/zipcode. As well as admin can limit cash on delivery as payment methods based on configured details.



Whether you desire to build your own theme or on the lookout for developing a strong system that can assist you in creating WordPress themes effectively, an advanced approach is needed to get going ahead. We have talked about quite a lot of possible aspects of WordPress theme customization services and solutions which include different methods for theme creation and WordPress plugin development services.

However, creating a WordPress theme is easier than ever now with a number of guiding principle and online tutorials available on the internet.

Today, we at Pixlogix Infotech, a leading WordPress development company would like to showcase a few useful but advanced tricks and tips for assisting you to boost up your WordPress development services process and WordPress theme customization services procedures.