Month: February 2018

Make Your App Popular in App Store With This Excellent Tactics

Make your app popular with this excellent tactics

It is observed that with the year passing by, mobile apps on the store are increasing. According to statista, 2.8 million apps are available on Google Play store and 2.2 million apps are found in Apple’s app store – is the 2nd largest app store on the market.

Those were the days when it was just enough to submit your brilliant idea to the app store. But looking at the current scenario, mobile app market has become more competitive.

To beat such a huge competition, effective and useful app strategy should be followed. It is observed that with the year passing by, mobile apps on the store are increasing.

According to study, on an average, only top 25 apps are downloaded by the users, so it is very important to make your app stand out among millions of apps following some of the strategies given below and stay ahead in this competition!

1) Customer-centric Keyword Strategy

Similar to SEO, ASO(app store optimization) is also important. You must know which keywords are relevant and most often used by the users to improve your search rankings. Compare with your competitors and focus on keyword optimization.

2) Spectacular App Icon

Awesome App Icons

It is observed that 90% of people are influenced by visual effect and provoked to respond quickly to fascinating things. So make sure that your app icon is designed in a way that addresses your app as well as engages your target audience.

3) Choose the Right Category

Place your app in the right category which represents your app features very well. As of January 2018, the stats reveal that Games (25%) is the most popular iOS app category. It is very necessary that your app is shown in a relevant category when people search through categories in the app store.

4) Credibility

app credit

Achieving positive reviews on the app is very important to build the credibility of your app. Positive ratings on your app build trust among the users and allow them to start using your app. If your app is feature rich and user-friendly it will automatically lead to better ratings and conversions with an increased number of users.

5) Branding

app branding

Branding for your app is necessary to penetrate your target market and encourage your audience to see your app as a unique solution provider to their need. Any mobile app can only survive if it meets the user needs, delivers the unique message, gives best user experience and consistent as promised.

6) User retention 

User Retention

According to localytics, 37% of users continue to use an app for one month after it is downloaded, meaning 63% of users have churned and are no longer using the app one month after they downloaded it. It is no surprise that today users are bombarded with multiple apps simultaneously. It is primarily important to drive your customers towards your apps using some of the ways such as push notification, update your app on a constant basis, more user-centric, special offers/rewards etc.


We hope you find this tips useful to make your app stand out in the crowd! Effectively using the above tactics while launching your app can give your higher ranking in the app stores. make your app design unique, creative and attractive from professional mobile app design company and increase your potential users.