The Importance of Magento Blog Extension & How to Start One of Your Store?

The Importance of Magento Blog Extension & How to Start One of Your Store?

The Importance of Magento Blog Extension & How to Start One for Your Store

Importance of Magento Blog Extension:

Blogging has become one of the most prominent tools to increase SEO rankings of products on your e-commerce website. Therefore adding Magento Blog extension is very common nowadays. The reason why blog extension for Magento has become so famous is that one cannot add new content now and then on the website. To increase the business, we need to be more and more interactive with our customer which we just cannot do with the website; A Magento blog extension is quite necessary. Blogs will help your customers understand the product in a better way. Because of the constant flow of keywords and articles, it also helps increase the rankings in search engine. Higher the SEO ranking higher the traffic.

How to increase SEO rankings?

How to Increase SEO Ranking - Pixlogix

For the people who do not have much time to write a blog post and can write at least one post per week can follow certain points mentioned below:

  1. The linking game:

Linking one keyword of the article with another article and a keyword from that article to our product page. The better we are at this game, the more customers we are likely to convert forever. Magento blog extension is inspired by the same game. More the number of links better our chances to come up with the search engines.

  1. Key phrases:

Not only certain keywords but key phrases like “FM transmitter DIY” are also very important to attract more customers. People normally use such phrases while they search on online for things. If we use such keywords in our Blog article, it will definitely make the customer feel more comfortable to buy the product from our site. Connecting blog extension for Magento in our article links is another best way to improve SEO rankings.

  1. Use images:

It is said that an image speaks 1000 words. Images enhance the UX of the blog which can attract customers. We can also use Magento blog extension in the images. Unaware of the name of the product, customer sometimes performs an image search. If our images are appropriate according to the key phrase of the article it will surely increase our ranking in the search.

  1. Telling stories and attract media:

Telling your personal story on blogs or social media accounts can help you create a special bond between you and your customers. Listening to your struggle story customers will get emotionally attached which will increase the level of trust between you.

How to start one of your blogs?

Magento Blog Extension - Pixlogix

As soon as we start blogging for our e-commerce site, it is going to be a serious business in itself. As there are millions of other bloggers/Magento blog extensions in the world, it is vital to be unique among them. We have to choose the most appropriate keywords and also the images which will help connect them. We can put a blog extension for Magento wherever necessary. The Article should be of perfect length. Neither big nor small.

Choosing the right strategy:

Now as the benefits of Magento blog extensions are clear we can move forward on how to create a blog extension for Magento and what could be our major strategies:

Define your target audience in such a way that they can easily understand the things written on the blog and that they can actually get benefits out of it. Always show your customers your strength in such a way that they get addicted to your site and the experience that you have given.


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