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The 50 Best Royalty Free Stock Images Website For Commercial Use

50 Best Royalty Free Stock Images Website For Commercial Use

What is Royalty Stock Image?

Images are an essential part of any website. Images appeal to any visitors as much as the content and User Interface. Royalty Free stock images with no watermark for commercial use are in demand. It is said that an image speaks a thousand words. Images can do good as well as bad to any website.

Hence, choosing the right image for the website is certainly important. A big problem with good images is that they are not royalty free or open source. There are many websites who have hired professional photographers and sell images or photos taken by them. It is not necessary that all the paid images are great for our website, but they are good for most of the time.

Why Choose Free Stock Images instead of Common Images?

There are many websites as well from where we can download images for free. However, most of the websites have common images which can be seen in almost every other site in a particular category. It is quite difficult for a small business or a start-up to spend ample amount of money in just buying images which does not guarantee returns.

Hence, they have to opt for free images from where the chance of getting conversions is low. Even if a person manages to get free images for the website, there are the number of restrictions that one needs to look at before even using it.

Images have become so important in a website that there is no option to include images on the site if not found good. We have to use images and that too relevant to our content.

According to a survey, there are 94% more chances of increasing conversion rate if we use images along with relevant and precise content.

The necessity of Free stock images has been increasing over the years. But, there are not a lot of sites which offers good service to their customers. As the user base of free stock images has increased, the time has come to cut down the huge list of websites.

Here a list of 50 amazing websites with beautiful stock photography and images that are 100% FREE to download and use.  Free from copyright restrictions, or licensed under creative commons public domain CC0, You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

  1. Life of Pix

lifeofpixLife of Pix is a place where one can find the collection of images from a Canadian company situated in Montreal. Over 837 images have high resolution. All of them have been categorizing according to their content and theme. It is different from the other free stock images service provider. The best thing is that they are very easy to download. The only drawback of this site is that it does not provide “Tag the image” function.

  1. Kaboompics


Kaboompics is a slightly larger site as it has a collection of over 1000 images across every domain. The website has a collection of images from different domains such as Fashion, Abstract, Food & Landscape, city & architecture, etc. This site is used to download images in mass. The images are tagged properly and are differentiated into six categories. The drawback of the site is that the website might not look good from the appearance point of view. The biggest drawback of the site is that it has images of only one size.

  1. Moveast


The best thing about this website is that it is simple and attractive at the same time. Every image available on the site is free is free to download and has a high resolution. It does not have any restrictions to use any image. The drawback of the site is that it does not have any tag or category associated with it. Hence, it becomes really difficult when it comes to search a particular image.

  1. Tookapic


This website contains both free as well as premium category images. It has a huge collection of images and has plenty of free images with them. We can categorize images based on the type and content. There is a proper tag associated with every image so that sorting becomes easy. We can use images regardless of the purpose, i.e., personal or business.

  1. Picjumbo


Looking for high-quality images?Picjumbo is the place to go. It has got some of the most beautiful collection of images having proper tags on them. The images are shuffled by the categories. Every image available on site is free of cost and can be used anywhere we want. Its only drawback is that there are membership fees required to avail the service.

  1. Splitshire


It has got over 500 high-quality images which get updated regularly. There is tagging available for each image. Every image available on site is free and can be used commercially. There are no membership fees or any sign up required to get the service. The website is optimized; hence, the downloading speed is also good.

  1. MMT


It is a Brooklyn based firm run by Jeffery Betts. MMT has the CC0 license which is a great quality mark. It has over 300 Royalty free images available for personal and commercial use. The images are categorized in 37 different categories. The only disadvantage is that the number of images available on site is quite less. There are other websites which have a number of images than MMT.

  1. Magdelein


Regarding content quality, this is one of the best sites and have a pretty good collection of images on their site. The images are classified into eight different categories, i.e., people, animals, city & architecture, technology, nature, object, food and abstract. Image tags are also available, but the problem is that images are available in only one size.

  1. Public domain archives


Public domain archives have some of the best collection of vintage photographs which are breathtaking. The images are of high quality, and the collection is also pretty extensive. The image categories are based on the type of content they belong to. The disadvantage is that the individual image tagging is absent. Also, the website is a bit faulty.

  1. Gratisography


Gratisography updates its image list every week. The main photographer is Ryan McGuire who is a Canadian photographer. The images are completely free to download, and we can use them for personal and Commercial purposes. The collection of images is unique, but it does not have any tags available. There are not the number of images on site.

  1. ISO Republic


Having over 500 images in 7 different categories the ISO Republic is a great place to download Royalty free images. The images have pretty high quality, but the disadvantage is that we can only get the image in single size. The collection of images is good, and it also has tags. They haven’t mentioned the resolution of the images.

  1. Absfreepic


This website has a huge collection of images with high quality which are royalty free and can be used commercially. This website has also won a lot of awards. The images are in a downloadable size and contain proper tagging. The photos are made accessible to all, and there is no signing required. The free photos are free on this website.

  1. Negative Space


Negative space is a place where one can find over 500 highest quality stock images. There are absolutely no copyright issues on any of the images. There is also a filtering option available in-site which helps to change the theme or color of the image according to our content. The images have tags through which they are easy to navigate across the website.

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  1. Foodie’s Feed


Foodie’s Feed is a high-resolution image source of food, fruits, and vegetables. There are almost thousands of food images. There are tag sections in the website so we can download free images as much as we want and use it anywhere we want.

  1. Goodstock Photos

good stock photos

Weekly updation of images is a highlighting part of the website. It has a lot of free things to offer which is universally usable. The disadvantage is that there are only fewer categories available to classify. It might be good for some businesses but not for all.

  1. Picography


With over six hundred thousand images, photography is one of the biggest websites for providing free stock images. Although this site has one of the biggest collection of images, there are a lot of things which the users do not like about it. One of the features is that it is offering very less number of filtering options. And the second thing is that it does not have any tag on the image mentioning whether it is paid or free.

  1. Visual Hunt


Visual hunt is known for its fast delivery of Images. Visual hunt is probably the only site having over 350 million images available for free. But, among them, only fifty thousand are royalty free. Rest all have some restrictions regarding its usage. But, these 50000 have no copyright issues associated with it. They are easily downloadable.

  1. Designerpics


The website is pretty simple and unique. The quality of the content is very high. Designer picks an excellent destination if we are looking for high-quality images with multiple resolution options available. Every image on the Designerpics is properly tagged and has a downloadable size. Images can be used for personal as well as commercial purpose.

  1. Morguefile


Morguefile is a place where we can find the high quality of post-production material. The categorization has not been done so well among over three hundred thousand images. Every image has a tag associated and is free to download and use because they are royalty free. The content on the site is rich.

  1. Realistic shots


As the name suggests, this site has one of the largest collection of real-life images taken by photographers. The categorization is done just like other websites. Every image has a tag. The images are of high resolution and free to download and use wherever we want. There are no on-site filtering options available. Hence, we will have to download the image into its original form.

  1. Jay Mantri


There are only hundreds of free stock images available on Jay Mantri. The collection of images is so satisfying that anyone would love to download images from this site. There are no tags available for the free images. But, the simplicity of the site is simply overwhelming. Content quality is neither good nor bad; it’s simply average.

  1. Barn Images


Barn images have a huge collection of royalty free images which seems pretty delightful. The worst thing about this website is that there are a lot of ads coming up while surfing. Multiple resolution options are not available. Also, image tagging is absent on the site because of which the navigation of images becomes difficult.

  1. Albumarium


It provides us thousands of free stock images to choose from. Every image is categorized based on the type of content it belongs to. The images contain no tags and are free to download. Not every image are royalty-free; some of them have the terms and conditions written where all the restriction are mentioned regarding the usage of the image. If we want to use any such image, it would cost us a few credits.

  1. Findaphoto

It provides us ten thousand free stock images with high picture quality. The categorization is done pretty well on the site based on type, color, and source. These high quality of images are free to download and does not cost us anything. We can use it for personal and professional purposes. Theme downloading option is also available. Tagging is also done adequately which helps its users to a greater extent.

  1. Freeimages


Having over four hundred thousand images, the free image is a good source to download free stock images. The accessibility of the photos is great compared to other sites. There is a compulsory sign-in require to access the free images. The only con of this website can be the more focus on paid images rather than free images.

  1. Skitterphoto


It has one of the smallest but the rarest collection of the photographs. There are only 800 images available for free, but all of them are beyond compare. All these images are free to use and have no copyright issues so that we can use it anywhere we want. Tagging is done on every image. The best thing about this site is its user-friendly interface. This makes the selection of the photos pretty simple and special.

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  1. Fotor


There are over 335 million high-resolution premium royalty free stock images available on the website. 220 million of these photos are licensed under the Creative Commons. These images are spread across ten different categories which make our search faster and easier. The website has a user-friendly interface which even a child can operate.

  1. Fancy Crave


Having a very hot look of the website Fancy Crave is one of the highly visited websites. It is having the high-quality copyright-free collection of images. It has got some of the really good photos as well which are admired through ages. The images are presented based on different categories and the content. The best part of this website is that images are available for different resolutions which give more freedom to its users. The only con with this site is that there is no tagging done on the images.

  1. Freenaturestock


As the name suggests, it is a royalty-free site which provides images of mother nature. The leading photographer of this website is Adrian Pelletier. The images are available for free such that we can use it for personal, i.e., wallpaper use as well as commercial use. The good thing that images are properly tagged and have no limits to download. The only con is the organization of the images that they have on the website.

  1. Pattern Pictures


As the name suggests, it offers images for various patters such as Wood, Nature, stone, sky, urban, animal, etc. There are other images as well which can be used as a marketing tool for the healthcare industry. All images on this site are completely free and easy to download. The range of the images in a category is quite extensive and offers a lot of options.

  1. Snapwire


Snapwire has a huge collection of royalty free stock images which can be filtered out and categorized based on the resolution and many other parameters. These are the pros of the site. Coming to the cons the website uses some of the terms which cannot be explained or understood. Apart from this many high-quality photos are coming under the roof of paid images.

  1. Stock Image Point


When it comes to handmade the collection of royalty free images the only name that comes to mind is Stock image point. The website has pioneered in 5 different genres. The photography is rich in city, landscape and animal photography. The interface is also pretty simple which also includes no signup on the site.

  1. Openphoto


They have a huge collection of live images which is second to none. They also provide a feature called photo of the day which is certainly a unique feature in itself. The categories have been made according to the type of content associated with the image. All images are 100% free and can be used for private and commercial use. The only bad thing about this site is that it does not have multiple sizes for the images.

  1. Goodfreephotos


There are over 5000 royalty free stock images available on the website which are classified into eight different categories. The categorization is done by the type of content they belong to. The images on the website are available based on the requirement of the user. The good news is that there is no signup required for using the service.

  1. Pixabay


Pixabay is another big station for the royalty-free stock images. There is proper tagging option available on this site. But the only disadvantage of the website can be that there is no categorization available. As it has many genres of images, it becomes quite challenging to select the most appropriate image.

  1. Freedigitalphotos


The ranges of free stock images are there on the website of freedigitalphotos. Also, the categorization is done well on the website. Images are completely free and can be used for the personal and commercial purposes. Also, the image filtering option on the website is pretty amazing. The images are tagged with the proper keywords.

  1. Jeshoots


Having over 200 collections of classic free stock images jeshoots is one of a kind website. The images have been categorized into eight different categories. The disadvantages include the less number of images available on the website. Not all images are available in every size. Some of the images are available only in one size.

  1. Travel Coffee Book


As the name suggests, this site has got some of the best collection of travel-related images. Every photo is certified and is royalty free so that we can use them for any purpose we want. The tagging of images is done well on each image. The only disadvantage is there is no categorization done.

  1. Libreshot


This website is made to mainly focus on the European countries and provide free stock images. The collection is pretty extensive, and it has the collection of over 3000 images in 8 different categories. The images have been tagged with the relevant keyword. Multiple quality of the same image is available.

  1. Unsplash


Unsplash has got one of the golden collection of free stock images which are completely royalty free and can be used for the personal and commercial purpose. The images can be downloaded and transformed as we want. The website is not that great with the User interface, but the collection of images is good.

  1. IM Creator


Having over 900 wonderful free stock images IM creator also offers tagging of images. The website is mainly for paid users and has only a small number of images which are free.

  1. Everystockphoto


Everystockphoto is one of the largest collections of free stock images ever. Although there are no tags associated with the image the image quality is good.  There is information related to resolution and licensing attached to the image itself.

  1. Freepik


This website is filled with high-quality free stock images which are ready to use. Freepik is the leading search engine of free vector designs and it’s the best source for graphic designers.

  1. Street Will


This site has been made focusing the American public and has the beautiful collection of landscape images. The quality of the image is high and can be used for personal the and commercial purpose only.

  1. Stock Snap


Stock snap one of the biggest collections of high-quality free stock images which can be used both personally and commercially. The tagging is also done on every image which makes all the difference.

  1. Death To Stock Photos


The website has some of the best collections of the adorable and creative pictures and is also available for free. It also has the click and saves format. There is a little research needed to be done on the website to get the right image.

  1. Epicva


Epicva has a collection of over 1800 free stock images classified into 12 different categories which makes it more accessible than the competitor’s website. No, tags are there on any of the image which is a disadvantage.

  1. Pexels


The site contains over 500 images which are free to use anywhere we want. The categorization is not done well on the website but rests all the things are just in place. Tagging is done on every image which is quite impressive.

  1. Free JPG


The website has a huge collection of over 10000 free stock images ready to use anywhere we want. The images are available in only jpg or jpeg format. The images are ready to use and completely royalty free and can be used personally and commercially.There is a proper keyword associated with every image.

  1. RGB Stock


RGB Stock has an over 100,000 the greatest collection of images which are completely royalty free and can be used personally as well as commercially. You may search images by generic categories. you can create embeddable galleries of images to use for your e-commerce store.

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Make Your App Popular in App Store With This Excellent Tactics

Make your app popular with this excellent tactics

It is observed that with the year passing by, mobile apps on the store are increasing. According to statista, 2.8 million apps are available on Google Play store and 2.2 million apps are found in Apple’s app store – is the 2nd largest app store on the market.

Those were the days when it was just enough to submit your brilliant idea to the app store. But looking at the current scenario, mobile app market has become more competitive.

To beat such a huge competition, effective and useful app strategy should be followed. It is observed that with the year passing by, mobile apps on the store are increasing.

According to study, on an average, only top 25 apps are downloaded by the users, so it is very important to make your app stand out among millions of apps following some of the strategies given below and stay ahead in this competition!

1) Customer-centric Keyword Strategy

Similar to SEO, ASO(app store optimization) is also important. You must know which keywords are relevant and most often used by the users to improve your search rankings. Compare with your competitors and focus on keyword optimization.

2) Spectacular App Icon

Awesome App Icons

It is observed that 90% of people are influenced by visual effect and provoked to respond quickly to fascinating things. So make sure that your app icon is designed in a way that addresses your app as well as engages your target audience.

3) Choose the Right Category

Place your app in the right category which represents your app features very well. As of January 2018, the stats reveal that Games (25%) is the most popular iOS app category. It is very necessary that your app is shown in a relevant category when people search through categories in the app store.

4) Credibility

app credit

Achieving positive reviews on the app is very important to build the credibility of your app. Positive ratings on your app build trust among the users and allow them to start using your app. If your app is feature rich and user-friendly it will automatically lead to better ratings and conversions with an increased number of users.

5) Branding

app branding

Branding for your app is necessary to penetrate your target market and encourage your audience to see your app as a unique solution provider to their need. Any mobile app can only survive if it meets the user needs, delivers the unique message, gives best user experience and consistent as promised.

6) User retention 

User Retention

According to localytics, 37% of users continue to use an app for one month after it is downloaded, meaning 63% of users have churned and are no longer using the app one month after they downloaded it. It is no surprise that today users are bombarded with multiple apps simultaneously. It is primarily important to drive your customers towards your apps using some of the ways such as push notification, update your app on a constant basis, more user-centric, special offers/rewards etc.


We hope you find this tips useful to make your app stand out in the crowd! Effectively using the above tactics while launching your app can give your higher ranking in the app stores. make your app design unique, creative and attractive from professional mobile app design company and increase your potential users.

How Sketch to HTML is a Substitute for PSD to HTML Conversion

How Sketch to HTML is a Substitute for PSD to HTML Conversion

Sketch to HTML, PSD to HTML Conversion Service Banner
A sketch is an influential Mac application built to assist modern graphic designers in creating instinctive as well as supple designs within no time. The terminology ‘Sketch to HTML conversion’ points to the technique of converting a Sketch design file into a completely functional HTML template with the aid of up to date web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

This tool facilitates in creating designs for websites, native applications and interactive experience with the help of a variety of tools. Sketch as a substitute for Photoshop, is gaining more and more recognition among web designers due to its focus on web design, ease of use and flexibility.

All this comes in a playful package for a price which is a portion of the long-term Adobe Photoshop subscription expenditure. Thus it can be said that Sketch to HTML is an option to PSD to HTML. The company behind Sketch, Bohemian Coding, is persistently improving its products, bringing it even closer to the UX / UI designers.

Preferably, there are three ways to convert a Sketch file to HTML

  • Doing It by Yourself

If you possess good knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, this is probably one of the ways to convert Sketch design file to an HTML template. By hand-coding your own website, not only you guarantee the premier quality of code, but also you get immense flexibility and simplicity of maintenance for your website.

Being a developer, you know exactly which lines of code you need to alter in order to transform something and how you can do it in a precise manner. However, if you are unable to do this work with perfection, you should hire an expert to do the justice.

  • Use a Conversion Tool

The easiest way to convert your Sketch design file to an HTML template is by using a conversion tool. However, there is a difference in the quality of code these automated conversion tools generate as compared to the one you get from writing code from your own hands.

The quality is not that good due to the incapability of these tools to deliver 100% error-free, SEO optimized, and W3C validated code. These tools also do not assure for pixel-perfect Sketch to HTML5 conversion. Thus, high-class conversion through these types of conversion tools cannot be probable for providing long-term success of your projects.

  • Hiring a Professional Conversion Service Provider

The lack of coding knowledge and the absence of interest to go with an automated conversion tool open up the door to hire a professional Sketch to HTML conversion service provider.

Not only you will get the supreme quality of conversion but also yield 100% hand-written, bug-free code that plays a very important role in shaping the rankings of a website in search engine results.

Sketch to HTML Characteristics

Convert your Sketch-based website to HTML with modern HTML5 / CSS3 templates with the following features:

  • Reasonable Pixel-precision

All necessary changes and enhancements to the live templates are discussed with the client to make sure that conversions look like the provided Sketch designs.

  • Cross-Browser Compatible

The quality assurance team shall make sure that the conversion of your website showcase and functions properly in all the supported browsers as well as the devices.

  • Compliance with Web Standards

The HTML, as well as the CSS, need to be completely valid and adhere to the basic accessibility principles for all the projects.

  • Semantic Markup

The semantic markup helps to project for future customization processes.

  • Fast Loading

The smaller the size of a file the faster is its loading time. This is possible by using an optimized code, CSS, and images.

  • Well Formatted and Commented Code

It is essential to make the code of your website easy to read and understand by formatting it appropriately and by means of comments where needed.

Moving Forward

At Pixlogix, we offer superior Sketch to HTML Conversion Services; if you are interested just send us your project requirements or get in touch to hire our specialist professionals.

How to Integrate Inbound Marketing With Plugins Into Your WordPress Website

Integrate Inbound Marketing into Your WordPress Website - Pixlogix

WordPress is one of the most popular options for developers when it comes to building websites. 28.9% of the Internet runs on WordPress website. One of the issues with using WordPress websites for business is that little bit of a struggle to connect your inbound marketing to your website so that you can get more leads, conversion, and generate more revenue for your business.

The reason is that  because you need so many different tools, from so many different services:

  • Creating landing pages
  • CRM tools for site management
  • Search engine optimization to increase traffic
  • Email Autoresponders
  • Lead capture forms

Here are some of the main solutions for developers to have for integrating inbound marketing website:


Jumplead WordPress inbound marketing tool - Pixlogix
Image Source: Jumplead

Jumplead is an all in one inbound marketing automation tool which provides everything a developer needs to integrate inbound marketing with the Word Press Website. Create and add conversion forms to use website. Identify website visitors and track their activity. Easily adds contacts to CRM tool so that the developer doesn’t have to do it manually each time. Create automated email chains for any form completion on the website. Send and track emails to user’s leads. Automatically tag and organize markets leads based on their form completions. Track CRM activity and score leads easily and more accurately. Track email click. Track user’s keywords, SEO positions for better ranking.

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Inbound Rocket:

Inbound Marketing with Inbound Rocket WordPress plugin- Pixlogix
Image Source: Inbound Rocket

Inbound Rocket is a tool that aims at helping and saving developer’s time, which helps to generate more traffic and to convert more of potential readers into leads.

Even though the service might not be as complex and difficult as Jumplead. Inbound Rocket still offers a few useful inbound marketing tools for ranking purpose. Track visitor’s behavior on user’s website. Add lead generation forms to the user’s website. Inbuilt analytics for content and opt-in forms.


Hubspot has put together the entire tool called FrankenSpot, i.e., a system which you can use to replicate Hubspot’s inbound marketing strategy.

It’s a way of building your very own Hubspot tool at free of cost, without having to get Hubspotsiteonly, it requires a lot of different tools and while they might not be much expensive, it can be a troublesome to have to manage so many different tools. It is definitely worth taking a look at their respective solutions for replicating Hubspot’s content optimization system which includes a website, blogging, email, SEO, forms, and CTAs.WPtouch used for designing and creating mobile-optimized themes for user website.WP Marketing Suite is used for better, more efficient content targeting based on user visitors’ location and their devices; Gravity Forms is used for building and adding opt-in forms to user website.MaxButtons is used for creating, optimizing, and adding buttons and calls to action on user website.Yoast SEO is used for content analysis and optimization for search engines. Better for finding stock images to use on your website.

Inbound Brew:

Inbound Marketing with Inbound Brew WordPress - Pixlogix
Image Source: WordPress

Inbound Brew is a free plug-in which aims to provide the user with all the inbound marketing tools they need. Automatically push user blog posts to social media to drive more traffic, which helps in page ranking. Create and place custom buttons anywhere on user website. Create custom landing pages for better optimization.Lead capture is used to create forms and customize the fields as user wish to add them anywhere on their website.


Inbound marketing and WordPress need to be used together for a better result, but that is easier. There are not that many tools that can do everything user need from their inbound marketing.

Consider user budget and their needs though, and the developer can find the perfect solution for user choice and their need based on the ones which are presented in this article.

The Importance of Magento Blog Extension & How to Start One of Your Store?

The Importance of Magento Blog Extension & How to Start One of Your Store?

The Importance of Magento Blog Extension & How to Start One for Your Store

Importance of Magento Blog Extension:

Blogging has become one of the most prominent tools to increase SEO rankings of products on your e-commerce website. Therefore adding Magento Blog extension is very common nowadays. The reason why blog extension for Magento has become so famous is that one cannot add new content now and then on the website. To increase the business, we need to be more and more interactive with our customer which we just cannot do with the website; A Magento blog extension is quite necessary. Blogs will help your customers understand the product in a better way. Because of the constant flow of keywords and articles, it also helps increase the rankings in search engine. Higher the SEO ranking higher the traffic.

How to increase SEO rankings?

How to Increase SEO Ranking - Pixlogix

For the people who do not have much time to write a blog post and can write at least one post per week can follow certain points mentioned below:

  1. The linking game:

Linking one keyword of the article with another article and a keyword from that article to our product page. The better we are at this game, the more customers we are likely to convert forever. Magento blog extension is inspired by the same game. More the number of links better our chances to come up with the search engines.

  1. Key phrases:

Not only certain keywords but key phrases like “FM transmitter DIY” are also very important to attract more customers. People normally use such phrases while they search on online for things. If we use such keywords in our Blog article, it will definitely make the customer feel more comfortable to buy the product from our site. Connecting blog extension for Magento in our article links is another best way to improve SEO rankings.

  1. Use images:

It is said that an image speaks 1000 words. Images enhance the UX of the blog which can attract customers. We can also use Magento blog extension in the images. Unaware of the name of the product, customer sometimes performs an image search. If our images are appropriate according to the key phrase of the article it will surely increase our ranking in the search.

  1. Telling stories and attract media:

Telling your personal story on blogs or social media accounts can help you create a special bond between you and your customers. Listening to your struggle story customers will get emotionally attached which will increase the level of trust between you.

How to start one of your blogs?

Magento Blog Extension - Pixlogix

As soon as we start blogging for our e-commerce site, it is going to be a serious business in itself. As there are millions of other bloggers/Magento blog extensions in the world, it is vital to be unique among them. We have to choose the most appropriate keywords and also the images which will help connect them. We can put a blog extension for Magento wherever necessary. The Article should be of perfect length. Neither big nor small.

Choosing the right strategy:

Now as the benefits of Magento blog extensions are clear we can move forward on how to create a blog extension for Magento and what could be our major strategies:

Define your target audience in such a way that they can easily understand the things written on the blog and that they can actually get benefits out of it. Always show your customers your strength in such a way that they get addicted to your site and the experience that you have given.